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Below is a selection of recent articles that the Canadian Foundation for Geotechnique has written for publication in Geotechnical News.

In recognition of the long-standing commitment and contribution to the Foundation, the Canadian Foundation for Geotechnique National Graduate Scholarship has been renamed the Michael Bozozuk National Graduate Scholarship

September 2012:
5th iYGEC and 18thICSMGE; Two Young Geotechnical Engineers’ Perspective by Vince Goreham and Nicholas Beier

September 2012:
The Canadian Foundation for Geotechnique: What does it do and how can you help ?

September 2012:
Meet the 2012 Trustees for the Canadian Foundation for Geotechnique

December 2011:
Legacy Corporate Sponsors

December 2010:
Introducing the Canadian Foundation for Geotechnique Website

June 2010:
Dr. Ben Torchinsky: Canadian Foundation for Geotechnique's 3rd Legacy Donor

February 2010:
CFG National Graduate Scholarship

June 2009:
4th iYGEC in Alexandria, Egypt

June 2009:
CFG Legacy Donor Program

September 2008:
CFG Cross-Canada Lecture Tour Corporate Sponsorship

June 2008:
Consider Donating Securities Instead of Cash

Decembre 2007:
The 60th Canadian Geotechnical Conference

December 2006:
Canadian University Scholarships in Geotechnique

September 2006:
A Diamond or Demisesquicentennial Anniversary!

December 2005:
Dr. Paul Marinos “Runs” Across Canada